Water speedy, managed by a sophisticated Numerical Control system, allows users to go from drawing to cutting. Its high dynamic output along with the possibility of working with several cutting heads simultaneously, its automatic pallet-changing system which allows for loading and unloading of pieces away from the work area without interrupting operation, all ensure high productivity and competitive costs with respect to conventional systems.


The cutting table is essentially a 3-axis pantograph, managed by CNC, designed adopting structural solutions specific to pure waterjet cutting technology. The work table is composed of a beam structure and sliding guide system that provide high speed movement for the cutting heads along the paths set via Numerical Control. All components have been conceived and sized to guarantee maximum operating dependability and high precision in movement operations. To ensure high dynamic output, the cutting heads are assembled in a fixed position with respect to the Z axis; this enables the optimal and constant balance of moving masses. The Z axis setting, necessary according to the thickness of materials being cut, is obtained by regulating the piece-holding pallet. Movement occurs using guides with re-circulating sphere runners powered by brushless motors with precision rackwork and re-circulating sphere screws. The cutting area is completely protected by a glass cabin, allowing the operator visual control of operations and minimizing the system’s noise emissions. The Numerical Control features high block operating speed, automatic correction of tool diameter, automatic control of vector speed over the profile; manages the 2 or 3 axes simultaneously in interpolation, and is equipped with color graphic video display, featuring graphic simulation of cutting path. The Numerical Control interface is a Pentium computer with ample memory and the possibility of connecting to a network