Waterline and Waterjet Numerical Control cutting table

The cutting table is essentially a 3-axis pantograph, managed by CNC, designed adopting structural solutions specific to waterjet and hydro-abrasive cutting technology.

Composed of a beam structure with a fixed upright and an exclusive suspended sliding guide system, the cutting table has been conceived to guarantee high precision and dependability through years of operation.

The machine’s movement is powered by brushless motors which ensure high dynamic output.

The sliding guides, using re-circulating spheres, are housed inside the structure and protected by efficient bellows, sealed off from dust and sprays.

The suspended guide system, which leaves the sides of the cutting surface free, allows for the eventual application of moving elements for the loading/unloading of pieces being worked.

Different work surfaces ensure adequate support based on the sheets being used and different cutting applications, both waterjet and hydro-abrasive jet.

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