Chiesa Export

Chiesa export comes with its own independent name to operate at its best, offering highly professional onto Dieless solutions, Waterjet and blades plotters markets. The common goal is to be able to provide, with the strength of a group , the most complete line of cutting systems to our customers. The oscillating blade cutting systems have spindles, heavy structures and sector suction tables which allow to concentrate suction power where needed, in order to insure a perfect steadiness of the material during cutting operations and therefore high speed and accelerations close to the giga. These continuous cutting systems represent the most innovative technique in working with flexible or semi-rigid technical materials. Their flexibility makes them ideal for production of few pieces as well as medium/large productions and it reduces delivery time to the minimum as it is possible to obtain the outline or cut layouts from a simple drawing of the piece to produce.
Within the vast selection of FlashCut models the Client Company can be sure to find the right solution for its cutting needs when searching for great flexibility and exceptional production performances.