Chiesa presses cutting machine

For over 50 years now, CHIESA ARTORIGE Srl has been manufacturing complete lines of cutting presses. The present line comprises: the TTM OPEN cutting press with retractable swinging beam, produced in various dimension and power capabilities, with various degrees of automation; the SANSON F1, an expression of sophisticated all-encompassing technology, simple to program and featuring a user-friendly interface. CHIESA EXPORT Srl, the group’s newly established company, today offers the mark et a dependable solution making use of water-cutting technology: the WATER JET system. Presently, the two companies, both exporting roughly 50% of their production output, have divided their respective sectors: – Chiesa Artorige designs and manufactures automatic cutting presses – Chiesa Export deals in turning arm clicking presses, beam presses and waterjet systems GROUP STRENGTH Specialists in innovative technologies, cutting away with the past. This is our presentation, providing the most complete line of cutting system a single company can offer.


Strong of their over 60 years of experience in the field, ATOM, CHIESA ARTORIGE and CHIESA EXPORT, aiming to offer their clients a better technical and commercial service, have decided to unite forces and skills to start a new commercial collaboration. This venture will allow them to offer their clients the most complete variety of cutting products guarantying the possibility to choose exclusively on the basis of real and specific production needs. The variety of products offered includes the best vibrating blade cutting systems (without die) as well as the latest generation electric and automatic cutting-die machines and also high power bridge and/or automatic cutting-die machines with cutting power up to 300 tons.