Automatic Belt Cutting System SANSON F1 BABY

The tape on this kind of fustellatrice is the more important thing and the same life of the machine, therefore its quality is essential to the good operation of all the system. In fact the tape acquits to three fundamental functions:
1) Advance of the material, than joined to the system of pliers of the machine guarantees the perfect alignment of the material to fustellare.
2) Support of fustellatura, guaranteeing moreover the impossibility of whichever inceppamento.
3) To transport pieces cuts you to the operator or to the system of drainage automatic rifle.
The ns. it blots some are equipped of a sophisticated system of directly managed mechanical detention from the computer, which homogenous fustellatura guarantees one on on all the workspace, allowing therefore with one good regulation of the cut grazing hardly the surface of the tape.
Ns. the great experience (this kind of fustellatrice is produced from we gives beyond 20 years) allows us to inform that, in job condition optimal ns. the customers has found a duration of the tape of 2 or 3 years, while for some the duration has been also of 5/9 years (considering indicatively approximately 2000 hours of job anniversaries and with suitable equipment).
Particular attention goes found in the semplicità of substitution of the belt, that it can be executed also from the same utilizzatore in approximately an hour, without having the necessity to take apart several particular of the machine or to decide of wide lateral spaces for being able to operate.
Since this kind of machine is used in multiple fields of the industry has availability of various types of belt, therefore to resolve in best of the several ways the problematic ones that of time in time are introduced.

Constructed in elettrosaldato steel sheet, overdimensioned, with advanced bridge of triangular structure in order to guarantee the maximum rigidity also to the highest sollicitations.
In sheet steel elettrosaldato with piston in steel. It slides with bearings to seams on moderated steel guides.
To strap poly chain in order to guarantee:

  • limitless duration,
  • stopped it specifies,
  • morbidezza in the movements also to riguardevoli speeds

Special power and dimensions on requets