Electrically driven automatic cutting press

logo_chiesaartorigeSANSON F1 EDI

FUNCTIONAL FEATURES “NESTING” CHIESA CAD The F.1 cutting press features an optional CAD-OPTIMIZER designerd to improve the placement of the cutting die on the materiale to be cut. A rapid system that is simple and easy to use obtains the cutting die’s exact geometry directly fromthe mounting plate, detecting eventual dephasings of the baricenter or by DXF…


TECHNICAL FEATURES SANSON F1 EDI IS THE FIRST PATENTED ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN AUTOMATIC CUTTING PRESS (NO HYDRAULICS) – Greater control over die-cutting operations – Possibility of differentiating and optimizing cutting in relation to materials and type of die-cutting tool used – Reduction of direct costs by 50% – The cutting press absorbs electrical power only at the moment of punching – Reduced noise emissions – Less maintenance on installation – Reduced overall dimensions – Improved reliability and cycle repeatability – Increased respect for the environment – Integrated cutting press control soffware, with easay to use graphic interface – Cutting controlled simply by setting the height of the die-cutter. CLAMPING FEEDER The best cutting system is the one which gives the fastest working and largest saving in materials which depend not only on the shearing machineitself but also on the system studied to feed the machine. The clamping feeder hes been carefully studied for both multiple strata materials and single materials, allowing a speed and a feeding accuracy which are double compared to the traditional feed rollers systems; reducing the wasted material at the minimum, the saved one can be over 10%.


Special power and dimensions on request