They are the third generation of cutting systems dedicated to the industrial sector, ideal for the processing of technical materials, up to 130 mm thick, unbeatable where it is necessary to combine cutting and milling operations. S Series – with static worktop, they are available in the HD version for cutting materials up to 130 mm thick, and in the EHMD version for cutting and milling materials up to 100mm thick. Series B – with conveyor worktop, they are available in HD and EHMD versions. Built in a wide range of sizes, they have numerous accessories, such as:

  • multi-tool heads, up to a maximum of seven;
  • round or shaped punches with various systems for expulsion / collection of waste;
  • tools for simple or double creasing, available in different shapes and sizes;
  • acquisition and video projection systems
  • High power pneumatic chucks with fixed blade for cutting at 90 or 45 degrees, for the half cut, type PRC (motorized rotating blade) for high speed cutting of technical fabrics, aramid fibers and other composite materials;
  • centering of shapes or layouts with a vision system that uses print marks or reference points;
  • automatic devices that lubricate the blade while cutting;
  • high speed milling devices (up to 15,000 rpm) with the spindle cooling system and fast tool change.

From design to cutting in no time, thanks to a wide range of devices that allow:

  • import cutting shapes and geometries from the scanner (only for shapes that do not exceed the A3 size);
  • import multiple or very large shapes (up to A0 + format) thanks to a very precise and easy to use acquisition system;
  • designing shapes for sectors such as footwear or industrial;
  • create useful shapes such as gaskets, packaging and others;
  • designing shapes and automatically calculating the machining paths for cutting and milling systems;
  • import and export files in DXF format.

All devices are obviously compatible with ATOM cutting systems, complete with user manual and supplied with an Italian user interface; the training for their use is included in the course of use of the cutting machine to which they are combined.

In the 222 and 888 models the simplicity of use, the small size and the possibility of importing the shapes from any CAD system make them particularly suitable for every modeling.